Chuleta Studios

Indie studio developing technology and games

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What Chuleta Studios can do for you?


Make videogames is our passion, and we strongly believe they can communicate in an interactive way the message you want to convey.  more info


It provides a means of communication to your customers to show how amazing it is your brand, company or service.

Augmented Reality

Create unique experiences where your users, clients or sponsors can interact with a new world. AR in videogames? Yes too.


Connect to your customers with your product or service and help them to be much more effective to get in touch with you.

Virtual Reality

Build environments for training professionals (police officers, airline pilots, doctors) or as entertainment, like a videogame.

We can do videogames for:


Associate your brand with fun. Increases perception and scope of your brand.


Videogames are great teachers because they create interest in learning in people. Whether mathematics, history, culture or science, we can create the educational game that you need.